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Since 1972, proudly providing machined parts and fixtures throughout United States, Canada, Europe and Asia

About Us

PTE Precision Machining (formerly Patten Tool and Engineering) is conveniently located in southern Maine, immediately across the river from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Being so conveniently located, we can readily tend to your needs from all over the local area as well as worldwide. We are a full service machine shop offering CNC machining, manual machining, as well as welding and fabrication. We mill, turn (lathe), or otherwise supply machined and fabricated products to a very diverse customer base from Department of Defense to food service to energy production. PTE Precision Machining serves the needs of our customers in many ways. Some provide us a drawing of a part to be used on a machine in their facility, others provide a broken part for us to reverse engineer and make new, others need an assembly fixture or checking fixture to be manufactured, others provide drawings of prototype parts to be machined, and yet others have us manufacture parts (short production runs) to be used in their end product that they eventually sell. Working with such a diverse customer base has also allowed PTE Precision Machining to obtain extensive experience working with many different materials … carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, hastaloy, and many others including various plastics. We are used to working with many Military Standards from both the material perspective as well as the end product requirements.

If there is a service that is needed to complement the work that PTE Precision Machining does we will gladly outsource that work as a part of the project requirements. Many projects require the machined parts to be plated (black oxide, zinc, nickel, anodize), or painted, or powder coated … we have sources to do that finishing work. Sometimes a project is benefitted by implementing other processes such as laser cutting, waterjet cutting, flame cutting or even heat treating … we work every day with other suppliers to provide our customers with the service they require.

If you have a machining (milling or lathe turning), welding or fabrication project … contact PTE Precision Machining … we will work with you to provide you with the best product possible that meets your requirements.